Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cherry Blossum Spring 2008

With the cherry-blossom silk blouse being the rage especially over light weight steel gray slacks, the tone for impression in this election is here. Tank-tops and breathable shoulder wear sporting floral patterns with jeans should tone down the otherwise courtly politico wear in Denver come August. Its time for novelty as the zeitgeist will be completely overturned by January 2009. The emphasis will move beyond neo-classical beauty into a completely global tribe innuendo. Hints of beads, sandals, on the go practicality should be the number. By the time Radiohead hits the Hollywood Bowl in late August the oppressive airs of marketing uniformity will have lifted. Still long term commitment should be something you should consider. Its the Venus/Athena thing that will eventually overwhelm the prevailing culture of mendacity.

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