Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Psychonautic Notion

These Siberian roots are a perfect gateway for imaginal (0r out of body) travel. One must simply find the pathway to the underworld, not the hell world, but the world of elementals and potential. Such travel does not necessarily lead to a change of circumstances but can assist spirit in understanding choices. There are some that recommend seeking a guide once through a portal like the root bound opening suggested but one really will not know what you will find unless you take the adventure.

The psychonautic tradition is an old one and the unexplored territory vast. It is recommended that you not attempt an adventure to center of the universe, for example, when first getting started. Travel is best after midnight and before 5 am. Put your troubles aside and get into your body and then let your mind's eye travel through the ceiling or out a window or door to the portal and then cautiously descend. You will find that your spirit body will have followed.

Remember you can return to your self at any time but its important to remember how to get back. But really do think about a guide, on this side or in the psychopompic realm. I am thinking about offering consultations regarding the dimensions of such spirit travel. Leave a comment if this interests you. With enough interest I will get a link to arrange for such services up. The important thing to remember is that these practices are not a panacea but a tool so along with the adventure it is important to cultivate a spiritual ecology.

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