Monday, June 16, 2008

Nocturnal Musings

Summer heat will stifle a full expression of shadow gestures appropriate to the advancement of police state thinking in DC. Still its never to early to piece together Autumn ensembles. A black wool navy watch cap and jack boots are the staple items for expression that contrasts the "organizations" with the "people." Silver accessories round out the fit: swans, lightning bolts, chains and spirals have the most edgy potential to generate that certain "umph" so crucial to conversation starters. Black leather gloves are a must. But for now we can remember the 4oth anniversary of the "Summer of Love." Sunbursts, free toes, patchouli and that certain freedom from "lift and support" keep the hot days relaxed and relevant. The emergent Uranus/Neptune Square energetically recalls the loosening of repression so prevalent in the '60s. Seek psychedelic bluegrass and farmers' markets. Its a good time to get to know one's wild crafted herbs.

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