Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Rose of the World

Now a century or more or elapsed since Madame Blavatsky and G.I. Gurdjieff began to publish reports of shamans, yogis, holy men, fakirs, Babas, snake charmers, Hesychasm, dervishes, theocratic societies, solitaries and brotherhoods deep in the heart of Central Asia. In the United States brutal torture at the borders in the Global War against Terror has received some political imprimatur and there is a nagging certainty that all our electronic telecommunications are being monitored by those who who would coerce us. The question remains as to whether there are practices that allow us to step out of our habits of being and find the resources of creativity necessary for a free dynamic survival beyond the social context of this coercive violence . Will we find ways to act that will allow us to enter new fields, to pass beyond cultural borders, to transcend selfish motives? Shall we explore entry into a spiritual understanding with the the rest of the population of the world without having to proselytize, convert, coerce or convince, instead seeking a dialog and exchange where the integrity and autonomy of the other is recognized with the freedom to be like the next pedal in the spiral unfolding of the Rose of the World?

The Rose of the World is a phrase stemming forth from the mind of the Russian spiritualist Daniel Andreev from a Siberian prison camp in the 1950's. He saw the necessity of a pluralistic, socially engaged, governing spirituality to combat the dark forces of coercive surveillance and torture he encountered in Soviet Russia. But these political crimes know no national border. They are the result of a fallacy of spirit that universally possesses demons and tyrants.

There are then critical questions pending before us as it becomes increasingly clear that a world exists beyond our own border's and that we share the planet with billions of others, not to mention devas, plants, spirits, animals, elementals, winds, clouds, rivers, streams, grains of sand and rocks. Sit quietly today and observe yourself and what you do naturally and habitually as you sit quietly and see if you have the power to do something else for the world, just for the fun of seeing if changing your thinking is possible. This we shall call "being like a drop of morning dew upon the pedals of the Rose of the World." Shall we start with discovering ourselves and take the good news of our discoveries out to our borders to share beyond ourselves in a gesture of sublime spiritual cross-pollination and co-creativity? What note will you sound in the grand symphony of being?

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