Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Now with the great Ubu having casually cast an approving glance, and the tonal of the the nation having taken an odd turn toward corporate hegemony, the allure of interdimensionality is poised as both an opportunity and a necessity. Near nudity but with spiritual modesty is the season's glowing rage. All one may otherwise need to survive is a healthy stock of Helado's Mexico All Natural Fresca Strawberry Premium Ice Cream on a stick. Light opaque scarfs and intricate batik sarongs help to soften the shock of pure nudity and holy basil aromatherapy helps balance out the rigors of moving from shadow to shadow through long summer days. This is the essence of the practice of interdimensionality inasmuch as the dark cool gateways of travel through unconstituted emptiness in time becomes practically second-nature. One may listen then for shadows and the deep traveling tones that emanate from nothing and go nowhere. It is in the emerging from these hidden journeys that one is most likely to find a soul mate but only once. The necessity of deep abiding in even the dark anomalies of character is required but only to the point of releasing light-heartedly into an engaged disinterestedness. White cotton shirts and khaki wear are always a fall back ensemble when one tires of traveling nakedly in the green cool shades and a seven week feast of blueberries and roast pork will be a perfect repast for one's return to the light.

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